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Have an idea to help boost your audio? We can make it happen! Want to listen to music as you go about your day at home? We'd love to help. Want your speakers to be heard, but not seen? No problem! We can make the speakers disappear into the wall or ceiling without compromising product or sound quality. From huge sound for the big game, or soft music for white noise, we work with you to make your vision transform into a reality.


Not sure what kind of audio equipment is right for you? That's what we are here for! 


The Theater People can not only design and install your dream audio system, we can provide all necessary equipment to get your space sounding out of this world, too. With a variety of quality equipment to choose from, we can match you with the speakers, finish, and accessories that will best fit you and your space. So sit back, relax, and let us lead the way to an exceptional audio experience. We also do commercial AV!


​Some of our preferred audio brands include:

surround sound

If you use your TV's built-in speakers to play audio, you have no idea what you're missing. A vast majority of TV shows, movies, and gaming content supports at least a 5.1 surround sound format- meaning the sounds are carefully separated into channels and distributed between individual speakers and low-frequency subwoofers placed around you.  Playing audio through an external speaker system brings to life the subtle nuances that would otherwise go unnoticed, not to mention the sense of sound directionality and rich, resonating audio that you just can't get from the TV itself. 

Surround Sound

Luckily, there are plenty of options to create the surround sound system that is perfect for you. We can use in-wall, in-ceiling, external cabinet speakers, or a combination of the three to provide ideal sound in your space. Have a specific idea in mind for your surround sound system? Whether you are thinking of an standard, entry-level 5.1 system, a sophisticated and immersive 7.2.4 setup, or anything in between, we'd be happy to dig into it with you!