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From peaceful background music to completely rocking out by the pool, we've got exactly what you're looking for! 

Having a party? We help make your birthdays, pool parties, graduations, football games, and everything in between amazing! 
Utilizing mountable all-weather speakers, landscape and "rock" speakers, and various types of subwoofers, we can make your backyard sound (and look) just as great as your theater room! We also do commercial AV! Get outdoor audio for your office or building today.

We Can Integrate Your New Outdoor Speakers With An Existing Audio System For Seamless Listening!

outdoor speaker options

rock speakers

Have your audio blend in flawlessly with your outdoor environment. Delight and awe your guests when you point out that what they are hearing is actually coming from what appears to be a natural object. Single voice coil and dual voice coil models are available depending on your audio zone usage, and a variety of color finishes ensures there is a perfect rock speaker to complement your outdoor space. A rugged build and weather-proof materials make these Rock Speakers an ideal solution for countless outdoor applications.

Rock speakers