From peaceful background music to completely rocking out by the pool, we've got exactly what you're looking for! 

Having a party? We help make your birthdays, pool parties, graduations, football games, and everything in between amazing! 
Utilizing mountable all-weather speakers, landscape and "rock" speakers, and various types of subwoofers, we can make your backyard sound (and look) just as great as your theater room!
We can integrate your new outdoor speakers with an existing audio system for seamless listening!

Rock Speakers
Have your audio blend in flawlessly with your outdoor environment. Delight and awe your guests when you point out that what they are hearing is actually coming from what appears to be a natural object.
Single voice coil and dual voice coil models are available depending on your audio zone usage, and a variety of color finishes ensures there is a perfect rock speaker to complement your outdoor space.
A rugged build and weather-proof materials make these Rock Speakers an ideal solution for countless outdoor applications.

Landscape Speakers
On the ground, in a tree, or under an eave – this speaker can be easily mounted in a variety of places for perfect coverage and performance. These versatile outdoor speakers offer a wide dispersion angle of 110-120°, projecting the sound with more uniform coverage and less auditory "hot spots." 
These landscape speakers are available in  4, 6, and 8-inch models, and kits containing speakers, an amplifier and a burial subwoofer are available- a full surround sound system for your yard!
If you are searching for an outdoor audio system that will minimize visual impact and maximize performance, look no further.

Outdoor Soundbars
An all-weather soundbar is a great audio solution to complement an all-weather television. Many outdoor TV manufacturers offer weather-proof soundbar models to compliment the TV for an improved listening experience. You may have observed that sound easily fades away into the air when in the wide-open outdoors. A soundbar provides additional power to pump out the sound, and they offer greater audio detail and quality than the TV's built-in speakers. If you don't have the space or budget for a more expansive sound solution, an outdoor soundbar could be a perfect fit for you. 



Already have an outdoor sound system? Awesome! Now let's pair that with a vibrant outdoor TV. Head over to our Outdoor TVs page to learn more about the options we offer.

More All-Weather Speaker Options
Surface Mounted
Eaves, awnings, and pergolas-oh my! Not to worry though, we have outdoor speakers that are up to the challenge. 
Say goodbye to big and bulky, and say hello to smooth edges and gentle curves. Recent speaker models are slimming down- they are about 30% smaller than previous units. Smaller in size, still big in sound. 
​Whether it's rain or shine, summer scorchers or deep winter freezes, these quality parts ensure operation in any weather.
Available in black or white to match your aesthetic
Raise your covered porch or patio to the next level by integrating an audio system. All-weather in-ceiling speakers are an excellent way to incorporate sound into areas where traditional speakers may not be advised- just like the humid outdoors, or in a steam-filled bathroom where condensation can otherwise wreak havoc on speaker components. 
In-ceiling speakers excel at offering discreet, clean audio solutions that will not distract the eye.
Perfect for steamy, humid bathrooms!

Don't forsake your audio's low frequency response just because you are outside- there are solutions for that! Ever notice how music lacking a solid bass foundation sounds, well, off? Yeah, us too. Now days there are plenty of choices when it comes to adding extra bass to your outdoor system. Whether it is incorporating a hardscape unit, a rock sub, or an in-ground burial subwoofer, The Theater People are your go-to source for getting that backyard rumble. 

 We work with you to find the best options for your needs and layout!

Looking to DIY? Check out this tips and tricks video: