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What's The Matter?

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

A couple of months ago, I wrote about the Internet of Things. The IoT is a space where devices connect and exchange information. For example, your phone that is connected to your smart thermostat is part of the IoT.

The biggest issue with the IoT is its interoperability.

Interoperability: the ability of computer systems or software to exchange and make use of information (Oxford Languages).

Your smart thermostat can work with your Alexa or your iPhone, but normally it's connected with an app you downloaded. If you want to control several smart objects/devices with one app, you have to buy the same brand. If that brand doesn't offer the smart object you want, now you're using another app to control that device. Eventually, you have 8 apps you've had to learn on your phone and you have to control everything separately.

No big deal. However, what if everything was under one location? Wouldn't it be better? The answer is yes, even if you say you don't care.

Well, this is where Matter comes in. Matter is not the first platform to claim interoperability but it is the first and only to be backed by the tech giants (Google, Apple, Amazon, and more)!

Matter protocol

Other companies that have joined in include Tesla, Logitech, Simplisafe, Whirlpool, and so much more. You can see all the companies on their website.

Many smart gadgets currently available will be compatible with Matter's protocol, and all future products once released will feature the Matter logo. You'll know what devices will work with the system, no matter the brand.

Once Matter is fully released, we'll be able to change or update our services to include it, specifically under our home automation and control service. We currently can connect several devices to another device or application to make your home or business smart. However, once we're able to purchase Matter-approved products, we'll be able to create a full smart setup using one protocol instead of multiple.

Keep an eye out for when it's available. As of now, Matter's release was pushed to sometime in 2022. You can check out our home automation and control options here.


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