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sound treatment

The heavy footsteps upstairs. The rattling subwoofer in your neighbor's car. The show your spouse insists on watching at the highest volume. We have all been on the receiving end of noise pollution at one time or another and wished there was a way to correct it. The Theater People now give you that option. We have partnered with Kinetics Noise Control, based right here out of Dublin, Ohio, to offer a variety of acoustical treatments for your home or office. Whether it's adding acoustic panels to your home theater to make the most of your audio, fully isolating your home office for some peace and quiet, or installing sound dampening ceiling tiles in the work place for increased privacy, we can deliver the sound (or lack thereof) that you are craving.


​Believe it or not, we can actually float your floor and suspend your ceiling using specifically designed hardware that decreases reverberations and promotes silence between surfaces. In situations where we can't elevate the floor, there are dense floor underlayment options that also help decrease impact noise.

​When it comes to walls, we need to take into account sound that travels directly through the wall, as well as "flanking sound" that goes around the obstacle and seeps in through the sides and seams. To combat this we will install ISOMax isolation elements behind the wall surface to seal those little spaces, plus add a double layer of drywall on the outside for increased density.

As you can imagine, this is quite an extensive process when dealing with existing structures, so there will be drywall demolition and re-installation involved. The ideal time to think about sound treatments, and especially room isolation, is during the planning and construction phases, though we are up to the challenge of sound treating your existing space. 

Kinetics offers a range of noise control options to fit your acoustic needs. Ask one of our team members today about your sound treatment options!

sound treatment

Ceiling Hangers, Floor Elevators, And Drywall Isolation Clips.

 Building or renovating a home? Don't forget to plan ahead for your audio/video, network, security and smart home needs! Head on over to our Wiring page to learn more about how our Pre-Wiring Services can get your abode tech-ready and even save you money!


Hardside Absorption Panels

HardSide is a traditional, highly versatile sound absorption panel that comes in a variety of thicknesses, fabrics and edge styles, allowing you to design for both your ideal sound and look. These panels are available in sizes up to 4 ft. x 10 ft., and vinyl finishes are an option if you aren't a fan of more traditional fabric. For unusual locations, custom-designed panels with angled or contoured perimeter cuts can be ordered.


HardSide also offers a High Impact line of reinforced panels for greater abuse resistance, tackability, and increased sound absorption.

sound treatment

Custom Printed Panels by Acoustigraphix

Using a dye sublimation printing process, AcoustiGraphix by Kinetics merges graphic design with stunning acoustics. Show off a unique picture, logo, artwork, quote, or anything really, while controlling both noise and reverberation. These panels come in sizes up to 4' x 10', and multiple panels can be combined to create larger images. We can help submit your preferred images to the manufacturer too for a 100% customized sound management solution.

sound treatment


The audio system is rockin' and the projector is on point, but there's still something missing from your home theater. Now you can get the starry ceiling you have been dreaming of, with the added benefit of noise control features built right in. The Starcoustix system by Kinetics not only looks amazing, it also conceals sound treatment elements to make your room sound "stellar" too. (Get it?)

sound treatment

Starcoustix technology is available as both a fiber-optic stretchy fabric covering acoustic elements, called the StretchTRAK system, or pre-made panels that can adhere directly to the ceiling or slide into a drop-ceiling grid. The pre-made panels have absorptive properties to help control sound reflections, and the StretchTrak system offers full customization of the sound treatment options based on the specific acoustics of your room, allowing you to really fine tune your audio experience.

This isn't your everyday, motionless starfield ceiling, either. On top of the sound treatment benefits, the Starcoustix system allows the stars to dim and brighten for dynamic movement, and it even incorporates shooting stars into the mix. The full Starcoustix feature line-up includes:

  • Twinkling stars

  • Shooting stars

  • Constellations

  • Night-sky images

  • Adjustable frequency and speed of shooting stars

  • Adjustable brightness for stars and constellations 

  • Fully integrates with control system


Ask us about the best solution to bring a little bit of the cosmos into your home.

sound treatment

Rear view of Starcoustix StretchTRAK system before it is raised to conceal the acoustic elements on the ceiling.

Want the Starry Ceiling Experience, but not the sound treatment aspect? Kinetics has you covered! They also offer fiber-optic panels with less sound treatment elements to create a ceiling that is out of this world.


Natural wood elements can be utilized for acoustic purposes, and adding a touch of wood to your sound treatments can create an immediate visual and acoustical impact. So, how is wood-finish, a traditionally hard, reflective material, used to absorb and diffuse sound waves? There are actually a variety of techniques that Kinetics employs, each offering their own visual appeal:

sound absorbers

sound treatment

Picado: Micro-perforated holes, ​small enough to be invisible from a distance, allow sound energy to pass through to acoustical materials beneath.

sound treatment

Sereno: Symmetrical hole patterns permit the passage of sound energy into a concealed absorber. Four standard patterns and hole sizes available with optional customization. 

sound treatment

Alto: Small, subtle openings beneath the rolled grooves allow sound energy to pass through and be absorbed by hidden acoustical materials. This surface looks like something you may find on the front of a professional reception desk.

sound diffusers

sound treatment

Midtones: Wide, sound-dispersing wells of varying depths provides a wide frequency range of uniform  diffusion that is highly sought after in critical listening environments like studios, and even home theaters.

sound treatment

Hightones: Thinner channels with more shallow depths spread the high-frequency sounds around a listening space to add brilliance to music and improve speech intelligibility.

sound treatment

Scatterbox: Not just visually appealing, but effective too. Control harsh noise reflections by randomly dispersing the sound energy throughout the listening space. Improve the sound clarity for a more lifelike listening experience.

​The available types of woods range anywhere from maple and cherry, to walnut and mahogany, with oak and birch, and even a few bonus woods thrown in depending on the product and style. Wooden acoustic elements are an ideal choice for commercial applications that demand professional aesthetics, although they also inspire a feeling of refinement and class when blended into a residential A/V system.

Thick rugs and upholstered furniture can only do so much for your room acoustics. When you are ready to really bring your audio alive, we will be there to help. 


sound treatment

In drop-ceiling situations where the walls don't reach the top of the ceiling structure, noises penetrate standard ceiling tiles and emerge into neighboring spaces quite easily. Kinetic's noise control ceiling tiles greatly improve "speech privacy" and help decrease the sounds heard from the next room over.  Ceiling tiles have a CAC rating, or ceiling attenuation class rating, that defines how well the tile prevents airborne sound from being transmitted into adjacent spaces. Standard ceiling tiles have a CAC rating of about 30-35, where Kinetic's noise control tiles have a CAC rating of 49 and 51. These tiles are ideal for commercial settings and audio-enabled spaces with a drop-ceiling. 

and just for fun...

Anechoic Chambers: The Quietest Place on Earth

Guinness World Records currently lists an anechoic lab at Microsoft's Headquarters in Redmond, Washington, as the quietest place on earth. The room is made of sound absorbing materials (including the mesh floor) and all the angles in the room dissipate the sound waves and prevents them from bouncing back into open air. This odd-looking interior boasts a mind-bending -20 dBA background noise, or 20 decibels below what humans are capable of hearing, and all with absolutely no echo. In comparison, one of the quietest sounds we are capable of hearing, calm  breathing, measures in at 10 decibels, so negative 20 decibels is almost unimaginable. It is said that you can hear your own heartbeat, breathing, and subtle movements if you stand in the room, and the lack of reverberation can even throw off your sense of balance after a little while. No official record is kept, but one person once managed to spend a whole 55 minutes inside the chamber, though most have had enough after a few minutes. The only way to achieve silence more absolute than this is to be in a vacuum. Pretty cool, right? 

sound treatment
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