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The Theater People offer both alarm systems and surveillance cameras to provide the most effective home security possible.

Home security has never been more important. In a recent study, over 80% of incarcerated burglary offenders reported that they would attempt to determine if an alarm was present, and over 70% would find an alternative target if one was installed. Furthermore, an audible, monitored alarm can alert both you and the authorities at the first sign of trouble, allowing you additional time to get yourself and your family to safety.


IC Realtime

Surveillance cameras perform 2 main functions:

  1. Visible cameras act as a deterrent to criminals who are on the lookout for them, and

  2. If someone makes the mistake of targeting your property, you now have valuable evidence to aid the authorities in their investigation.

When you install an outdoor surveillance system, you aren't just protecting yourself, but your neighbors and your community. Police agencies across the nation frequently use images from third-party cameras to catch criminals and solve cases (as proven on any true crime documentary or podcast).

The Theater People recommends installing both an alarm and camera system for the highest level of protection. The combination of an alarm system and cameras makes your home a no-go zone for all but the most daring criminals, while also providing quick notification and evidence gathering if you need it. The two aren't mutually exclusive though- we can start with either system and install the other at a later time.

We have a variety of cameras at our disposal, including bullet style cams, dome cameras, and PTZ units that pan, tilt, and zoom to the exact spot you need to see. 
Remote viewing of the cameras on your phone is available as an option.

IC Realtime Camera
IC Realtime Camera


DSC Security

The Theater People use DSC alarm products for all of your security alarm needs. We spent a long time researching various alarm and camera manufacturers before we settled on these three vendors, as we wanted to be sure that we were installing products that we can trust. In fact, we trust these companies so much that our business office and personal homes are protected with these products. 

A huge benefit to the DSC alarm system is that it can operate as both a stand alone alarm system, or it can be integrated with our current Home Automation offerings from URC, which allows us to incorporate the security systems' multitude of sensors for advanced automation and event-triggering capability. Our professionals walk through the process with you from concept design, to set-up and programming, to completion and client education. 

Keep yourself and your loved ones safe with a DSC alarm installed by The Theater People, complimented with the ever watchful eye of security cameras.  

Every Surveillance And Alarm System Is Customized For That Client's Needs. Contact Us Today To Learn More About A Customized Alarm System For Your Home!
Alarm system
Alarm system
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