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TV Mounting, wires visible
option #1

TV mount with wires visible

TV Mounting, wires concealed
option #2

TV mount with wires concealed externally

TV Mounting, wires concealed
option #3

TV mount with wires concealed internally

Our TV Installations Are Full-Service And Always Include:


Before even one tool is taken out of the bag, our experts take time to discuss your vision and help with suggestions to maximize your project. This includes location, assisting with discovering the optimal height, and aesthetic presentation. 

professional installation

Our professionals are experts in the field of home entertainment installation. You can trust that your project will be done by the best in the industry.

premium grade tilt mount

Most companies use a flat mount - if they provide one at all. We use an upgraded tilt mount to give our clients added flexibility and convenience. Our clients also have the option to upgrade to a professional-grade articulating mount for a more versatile viewing experience. Specialty mounts available for custom installations. 

professional setup

Our techs are experts in TV set-up. We make sure your new system is set up and fully functioning - exactly how you want it to be.

clean up

When we load our truck to leave, it will be as if we were never there. We remove boxes and packaging and vacuum the entire working area before departing. Additionally, you will notice that we always wear plastic footwear so that nothing is tracked into your home. 

complementary 30-day warranty & satisfaction guaranteed

​We ensure each client is happy with the outcome of their service prior to calling it completed. We also offer a complementary 30-day guarantee for the work performed while manufacturer warranties protect the products/equipment provided by The Theater People during the installation process. 

optional passive wire pkg

The Passive Wire Package consists of 2 4K professional-grade HDMI cables, 2 Cat6 data cables, 1 TSO optical cord for audio, and 1 coaxial line. The installation of the Passive Wire Package during the installation could save yourself a huge headache in the future. If one of your HDMI heads breaks, you don't have to worry because you already have back-ups in place! The Passive Wire Package is strongly recommended for fireplace installations where the wires are being concealed behind the wall, so should anything ever happen, the replacement cables are already in place without having to have more work done. 



Think you're on your own when trying to figure out your set up? Not with The Theater People! In fact, we love when you have questions because that gives us an opportunity to go step-by-step with you. We love what we do and want you to have the best experience possible. That includes after we leave your home. We work with you to show you how to operate and navigate your new technology. 

Upgrading your TV? We got you covered!

The Theater People are authorized dealers for Sony, Samsung, and LG televisions, and we are happy to bring your new TV along with us for the installation- no additional shipping or delivery fees required! 

Not sure where to start? No problem. We know the amount of options out there can be overwhelming. LED vs OLED vs QLED, 4K vs 8K, UHD vs HDR- it can all be just too much sometimes, so we're here to help. Let us know your preferred features and budget, and we will provide some options that would be well suited for you.

The Frame


As a major focal point of the room, it is natural to want to mount a TV in that perfectly-made space above the fireplace. The Theater People are happy to mount your TV above your gas or wood-burning fireplace, though we strongly recommend having a nice, thick mantle to help disperse heat and protect the TV if you choose to enjoy a fire.

Drywall & Wood Surfaces

Most TVs going above the fireplace on standard drywall or wood paneling can have the wires fully concealed behind the wall, so long as there is a gap back there for fishing cables. Running power cords behind the wall is a no-no, so we will bridge off of an existing outlet next to the fireplace to install a new outlet up above to power the TV. Fireplace TV installations are more involved than standard wall installs and almost always require some drywall manipulation to get the in-wall wires ran around the fireplace's framework. Unfortunately, we do not offer patching services. Now, since full wire concealment for fireplaces is such an involved process, we like to include the Passive Wire Package mentioned above, which can act as back-up cables and to future-proof you for devices added later on.


​​Brick & Stone Surfaces

And what about fireplaces that have brick or stone all the way up?  No problem, we should still be able to mount the TV up there, though trying to conceal wires can be more complicated. If we all get lucky, there will already be electric in place and pre-installed conduit behind the wall that we can run the wires through. More often than not, though, the electric outlet and conduit don't exist, so we have to come up with another solution for the cables. Other options for the cords include running them inside white wire concealment covers, or as a last resort we can keep the wires bare and just try to place them as inconspicuously as possible- perhaps utilizing some clever décor placement to accomplish that. 

With that said, it IS possible to add electric and fully conceal wires behind a brick or stone fireplace; the difficulty level just kicks up a couple of notches. Bricks/stone will need to be removed or altered to accommodate the wires and electric box, so many times we team up with an experienced mason for the assist. It is notoriously challenging, or nearly impossible really, to perfectly match any replacement material to that of the original, such as the color and texture of the brick, stone, or grout. As the photo to the side illustrates, these homeowners decided to have the fireplace resurfaced during the installation process, allowing them to enjoy their "new" fireplace and avoid the headache of painstakingly matching materials.   

Many factors are considered when providing estimates for fireplace TV installations. We will discuss the devices that will be used, your ideal layout, and your preferred functionality prior to offering an estimated price for the project. 


No two homes are the same, so it should come as no surprise that TV mounting projects can be as varied as the clients themselves. Every once in a while there is a need to put a TV in a spot that is not suited to the traditional wall-mounting technique, which is where our alternative methods come in.

MantelMount Installation

Want to mount the TV above the fireplace, but are concerned about how high up the TV will be? You aren't alone. Many home owners eye the fireplace as a good spot to put the TV, but are worried about craning their necks to see the screen. Enter the drop-down MantelMount.

MantelMount models bring the TV forward and down over the mantle to lower the viewing height for less neck and eye strain. When you are finished watching, the TV can easily be retracted into the upright position for storage and room aesthetics. MantelMount isn't just for fireplaces either. It can be utilized in any situation where the TV will be mounted higher than what is comfortable for viewing. 


MantelMount models also have a built-in swivel feature for the TV, and the MM860 V2 Pro model can even be programmed into your home's control system for automated raising, lowering, and swivel actions. As a dealer for the MantelMount models, we are happy to recommend, order, and install the right mount for your project.

Outdoor TV Mounting

How cool would it be to lounge around outside and still be able to watch your show? Well, with the right equipment and installation plan, we can make your outside space be as comfortable as the inside. Using all-weather sealed displays, along with corrosion-resistant outdoor mounts, we seamlessly blend media with mother nature.

These aren't your everyday televisions- these bad boys stand up against rain, snow, condensation, dust, insects, extreme temperatures, and of course, the power of the sun. Brighter than indoor TVs and sealed against the elements, an outdoor TV can take entertaining guests to the next level without compromising the safety of your home and loved ones. We can even tie in audio using an all-weather soundbar or outdoor sound system, such as rock speakers that disappear into your landscape. 

*Please note that TTP will not install indoor-rated televisions outside or on a covered porch/patio. The risk of electrical shock or fire is too great and we will not put you or your family in harm's way.

Outdoor TV Mount
Outdoor TV Mount

Check out these sections to learn more about outdoor TV and audio options:

Ceiling Mount Installation

When securing the TV to the wall isn't an option, we can look at suspending the TV from the ceiling using a ceiling mount. Whether it is due to a recessed area, window, lack of wall, or other obstacle, mounting the TV with a ceiling mount is a clever way to still get that ideal TV placement. 

The pole of the mount conceals any wires going to the TV, allowing the equipment to be placed in a separate part of the room or home for a truly clutter-free set-up. 


Talk to a team member today about your TV mounting project to learn more about options and pricing.

TV Mount
Home Theaters

​So, you've decided you want to do a television home theater, now what? Well, call us of course!

We know planning a home theater can be exhausting! Figuring out what and where and how much can really make your head spin. Sure, you can piece together a system from spare parts and mismatched brands- and you'll be keeping your fingers crossed that it works every time you turn it on. WHY TAKE THE CHANCE!?  We will put together a full home theater package -including products AND installation- that ensures equipment compatibility, and acts as a great starting point for any personalized additions or customizations. We'll build a great home theater specifically for you!

TV Mount

Central Ohio's go to company for professional TV mounting services. Now serving Sarasota, Florida!

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