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The Theater People

As a locally owned and operated audio-visual consultant business, we take great pride in providing each of our clients with a well-rounded experience. Our trained technicians are there to help you with such services as installing a tv mount to providing a complete custom home theater installation in your man cave or lady lair. Allow our experts to help you think outside the box for your home entertainment install. 

The Team

John Owner The Theater People

John H.


Brent Operations The Theater People

Brent S.


Nikki Marketing The Theater People

Nikki L.


Scotty The Theater People

Scotty L.


John S The Theater People

John S.


Savannah The Theater People

Savannah H.


John John The Theater People

John John H.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much is it to mount a TV?
    The cost varies. However, to give you a bare minimum, the price for a basic tilt mount on standard drywall with no wires hidden or outlet added is $299.99. The price goes up when the mount is upgraded, an outlet is added, or the wall is stone/brick/a fireplace, etc.
  • Do you sell [product]?
    We sell just about all A/V equipment you could need for any of our services we offer. Some TVs come with discounted (or even free!) installation. We highly suggest purchasing any equipment you need from us if you're looking to get a service done.
  • How far are you scheduling out?
    We don't have a direct answer for this. Sometimes we're open that day, but most of the time, we're anywhere between 1-3 weeks out. Scheduling also depends on if you need specific equipment for your service or if you're purchasing a product from us that needs to be ordered. To solidify an appointment after you've accepted the proposal sent, we require a minimum deposit. (No deposits are needed for consultations. Consultations are free.)
  • What if I already have [equipment], is my service cheaper?
    No. There's also a very good chance we will not do the service/install if you've purchased products elsewhere.
  • Why do you recommend pre-wiring?
    We recommend pre-wiring because it can save both you, the client, and us, the business, time and money. When we have to go back and retrofit wires, it takes us longer, costing you more than necessary. We understand sometimes there wasn't an option to pre-wire (you just bought a home that's older, or was pre-built, etc.). However, if you're planning on renovating or building new, call us immediately so we can get a plan and make sure you're scheduled. We'll need to be there before the drywall goes up so we can see all the wires and put in the ones necessary for the services you want. Please call us if you have any questions!
  • I got a quote from another company. Why does yours cost more for the same products and services?
    We sell our products for the manufacturer's price. Most of the time, there's no way around that. As for services, we charge you for our time and equipment up front. Some companies give you the bare minimum so you'll agree to it then charge you upwards to several thousand dollars more when they've finished working. We estimate the full amount so you're not hit with a surprise at the end of our appointment and you can better plan to budget.
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