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Considerations before mounting your TV

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Whether you're mounting your TV or having someone else do it, there are some things you need to consider and research. You want to make sure that your TV is secure, you can see the picture perfectly, and the mount does what you need it to do.

Read along and consider these things next time you mount your TV or have someone else do it. Side note: if you're calling to have us mount your TV, we ask the size and/or brand and series to ensure we have the correct size mount. We also assume you've chosen the best spot for your mount. If you haven't yet, read through this post, then reach out to us.

Don't purchase a mount until you've considered all of the following. If you've purchased a television online, you're often recommended a mount. Don't purchase it until you've read through the specs of your TV and the mount. Continue reading to see why.

Step 1: Check the specs of the TV and mount

Your TV and your mount are not one size fit all, so this is a very important step. Most mounts only hold up to a certain weight and height. Find a mount that has your size in its range. If your TV is 32" but you decided to buy a mount that's for the sizes 55"-75", then it's going to be too big. You'll likely see the arms of the mount over the top and bottom of your TV. If you go too small, it won't hold it long, or at all, and it will fall.

Once you know the size of your TV and the size of the mount you need, move on to the next step.

Step 2: Decide where you want to hang your TV

If you have options of where to put the mount, then you have some things to consider.

  • Do you know what wall you want it on?

    • This is important because you need to take a look at the outlets. You need to plug in your TV and any additional equipment you may have, so being near a plug (if you don't plan on moving it) is necessary.

  • Are there any glares you need to avoid?

    • You definitely don't want your TV in direct sunlight. For a few hours of the day, you won't be able to watch it but you may eventually damage your screen with the constant beam of light.

  • How far is it from the couch?

    • Will you need to keep your TV extended from the wall because of the distance between the wall and couch? You may want an articulating mount since they offer full movement.

  • How high on the wall will it need to be?

    • Can it be centered on the wall, or does it need to be higher up? An articulating mount may be the best option here, too.

  • How big is the viewing area?

    • If your viewing area is wide and you plan to use the full area or only sections at a time, then an articulating mount is also good here.

  • Is it over a fireplace?

    • You'll definitely want a MantelMount. Normally TVs over fireplaces are higher than normal. You can get a tilt mount but those only tilt up and down. A MantelMount can be pulled down over the mantel to be at eye level when sitting on the couch.

  • Are you just mounting the TV to get it out of the way?

    • If you need no movement, a fixed mount is an option.

Step 3: What kind of mount will you need?

Some of the questions above gives you the best option for mounts. You can skim over the rest of the questions.

I also wrote a blog about choosing the right TV mount and you can read it here. That blog talks about several different kinds of mounts that you may consider for your project.

Once you consider step 1 and 2, then you should be able to narrow it down to the type of mount you'll need. If you're reaching out to us, we'll help you decide the type of mount you want.

Step 4: Purchase mount

If you are doing this project on your own, now is the time to buy the mount. If you're hiring us, we have the mounts you need so no need to purchase elsewhere.

Find the mount that does what you want (movement) with the specs to hold the TV of your size.

Important: When you mount your TV, make sure you are on the studs. It's the safest option. You do not want your TV to fall because it could land on a kid, a pet, you, or someone else. Be safe and secure your mount correctly.

If you're interested in our mounting services, check out our service page, then reach out to us. If you're mounting the TV on your own, I hope this guide helped at least a little.

We sell products! If you're looking for a new TV, reach out to us. Some TVs come with FREE and discounted mounting.


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