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Experience Dolby Atmos at home

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

There's nothing quite like the experience of a movie theater. Even a lot of home theaters don't stack up to it. Fortunately, technology is ever-changing for the average person and companies are making it easier than ever for you to own these things. Besides the big screen, what else makes a movie theater experience perfect? The sound! You can have all the speakers, soundbars, and surround sound money can buy in your home theater but it's still not quite the same.

Until now.

Dolby Atmos was first released in 2012 in a Los Angeles movie theater and was exclusively available to movie theaters. Since 2016, most electronics are Dolby Atmos-enabled.

However, very few movies, TV shows, and music have been compatible with this new format.

Black Panther. Baby Driver. Gravity. Bridgerton. Enola Holmes. Peaky Blinders. Happier Than Ever. Planet Her. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Some examples of movies, TV shows, and albums that have been mastered for Dolby Atmos, and there are tons more, with more added regularly.

All of this hype and I still haven't explained why anyone should care about Dolby Atmos or even what it is.

Dolby Atmos is a newer audio format, simply put. However, the way that it works is what makes it awesome. It traps you into a bubble of sound. You are now in the movie, the TV show, or the recording studio. Before, sounds were designated by a specific speaker. With Dolby Atmos, it's given a specific place.

Ok, woah. What even is the difference? Let's say you're watching the first Avengers movie (available with Dolby Atmos capabilities on Disney+), and it's the scene where the Avengers are in a circle in the middle of a busted New York City. The camera is panning and the superhero music is building. You know the scene, right? Before, you'd hear the music and the background bouncing back and forth between the left and right speakers in an attempt to pan. In a movie theater, it's not really noticeable because there are several speakers on each side of you, giving more speakers to pan to. In your house, your speakers are probably on or right by the TV and now the sound isn't panning, making your experience a little dull.

Now, you're watching the same movie in the theaters with Dolby Atmos. Same scene.

However, this time there's a different setup. There are now speakers behind you and above you, as well as the same beside you. The same music is building and now you're trapped (in a good way). The music is literally panning around you. You're in a bubble of superhero music. You're an Avenger now. That's the difference. It doesn't bounce. It doesn't skip.

And now, you can bring this into your house.

We recommend four speakers for this experience. But we know that's not realistic for everyone. We offer several soundbars that give a pretty damn close experience. Everyone's setup and situation are different. If you're a movie, TV show, or music buff and are looking for something to amp up your sound, give us a call. We'll help you get the right equipment and make sure your other devices are equipped to handle Dolby Atmos.

Give us a call at (614) 604-6327 or reach out to us on our contact page if you want more information on how to make your setup much more immersive.


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