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One Remote For Your Home

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

How many remotes do you have for your television? Most people have several: TV remote, cable remote, streaming device remote, surround sound remote, etc. Do you have remotes for other things in your home, too? Your lights, motorized shades?

It can be too much sometimes. We can make it easier. One of our most recommended brands for customers who have more than one remote or a smart home is URC.

Not everything has to have a remote to be added to a URC remote or touchscreen system. You can set up your Honeywell HVAC, your Siemens automatic coffee maker, your Philips HUE lighting, and so much more to your URC!

You can turn your home into a smart home with URC. Besides now having one remote for your TV, you can also use the same remote to control your thermostat, motorized shades, and security system.


URC also offers automated activities. These simplify our customers' daily lives. Some examples of automated activities include:

  • "Welcome Home": turn on lights, adjust the temperature, and stream music with a simple one-touch scene.

  • "Good Night": turn off the whole house at the end of the day; view live security camera video on URC touchscreens, remotes, and apps.

Other enhanced features include:

  • geofencing (the use of HPS or RFID tech to create a virtual geographical boundary, enabling software to trigger a response when a mobile phone enters or leaves a particular area) - trigger the "Welcome Home" activity when you're almost home.

  • push notifications - get a notification on your phone when someone opens the front door, or just steps onto your porch.

There's so much one could do with their URC controls in their home. If you're looking for a simpler option, URC does offer a single-room remote with many of the same features.

URC works with many companies, including HEOS, Roku, Samsung, Zoom, DoorBird, and DirecTV. Ask us if there's a brand you use and we'll let you know if they're compatible.

Give us a call and let's get you set up with a URC total control system. We program the remote so you can use it any way you want whether that is only for your TV or for every system in your home.

Check out our automation and control page for more information.


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