Outrageous Home Theater Installations

Last week we talked about the world's most expensive televisions, from hundreds of thousands to millions. I decided to check out the most expensive home theaters in the world. If the cost of the TVs was overwhelming for you, wait until you read about these theaters.

For reference, our simple home theater (projector, screen, and several speakers) starts at roughly $15,000. Our average full home theater (projector, screen, speakers, furniture, sound treatment, etc.) can cost anywhere around $40,000 to $500,000. Unfortunately, most of these home theaters listed do not list specs and equipment used. Most of these theaters are costly because of the style of the room and the furniture. So, pictures are included.

We'll start with the lowest home theater to the most expensive.

8. "The Traditional" home theater - $600,000-$800,000

This home theater won a CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design and Installation Award) in 2004. This theater features a projector/screen setup that rivals and often exceeds professional movie theater standards. It features 15 lounge chairs and live theatre-esque decor.

Future Home

7. The Formal Theater - $850,000

This is another live theatre-esque home theater. It features a main stage, main floor seating, and a balcony seating area. This theater was intended to be used to review game films, but the owner and his teammates tend to just watch fun competition TV shows.

Battle Red Blog

6. The Fabulous Canadian - $1,000,000

This home theater is controlled by a touchscreen ($8,000 each) that is hidden behind artwork and has a wine cellar that's cataloged by a computer. The chairs have arm storage and trays made of solid granite. The room has solid slab granite, solid marble and wool carpets, real gold leafing, and gold-trimmed chairs. It has a $50,000 fiber optic system and curtains that cover the screen when not in use controlled by a touchscreen.


5. The Million Dollar Home Theater - $1,500,000

This home theater is just outside of a glass elevator in the basement. It's probably more than this listed price as the only price shown is just the audio-visual equipment. It has ten reclining theater seats, a fiber optic ceiling (with shooting stats), a large projector screen, and automatic doors to get in and out. There are also fabric-covered walls and a bar.


4. The Batcave - $2,000,000

In Connecticut, a Batman super-fan had a home theater installed in the style of the Batcave. There is a "bat computer", the Tumbler, the suit, secret passages, sound effects, gargoyles, a Bat-themed elevator, and a 180-degree screen. It also includes a fireplace and several bookshelves.


3. The Pirates of the Caribbean - $2,500,000

This theater includes stone floors and walls, gas lanterns, and hand-painted canvases on the ceiling depicting stormy skies. The room is made to look like a pirate ship with captain-style chairs on the lower deck and a bar near the helm. Personally, the most interesting part is you enter the theater from the outside, through the box office. Check out all the pictures in the link.

Daily Mail

2. The Lady Luck Theater - $3,000,000

Known as one of the best home theaters in the world, The Lady Luck was designed to look like a performing arts theatre with a projector setup. The projector, screen, audio system, and sound treatment are nothing to scoff at. However, it's definitely the design that brings people in. The large chandeliers, the extensive amount of seats, the velvet curtains, the box office, the wine cellar, and more. It has won multiple awards for best design and overall theater. I highly suggest you check out the photos linked below.

Cantara Design

1. The Professional - $6,000,000

This theater was built by a professional producer and music engineer. It's designed for both concerts and film. There are 36 amps, 39 separate speakers, and apparently an insane amount of equipment. However, it only has three seats. It's so expensive because of all the technology and you can read more about it at the link below.

Haute Living

Honorable mention - no price listed

I thought this one was pretty cool just because it has windows inside the theater that look into a 93,000-gallon pool.

Future Home (aquatic)

I don't know about you, but the most over-the-top theater is definitely part of my dream home. Next week, I'll share some of the more attainable home theaters for the average person. You don't have to be insanely rich to have an awesome movie viewing experience in your own home.

If you're even a little interested in home theater installations, give us a call. We work within your budget.

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