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Pre-wire. Pre-wire! PRE-WIRE!!

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

The Theater People preaches two things: 1. purchase your products from us if you want a service, like TV mounting or a home theater (because it may come with free or discounted installation), and 2. if you're building a home or building or renovating one and will require A/V services after it's finished, then you need to pre-wire.

The team went to a Builder's Expo this past weekend. We spoke with people looking to build a new home and realtors. It was a fun learning experience for all of us! We tried to remind everyone we spoke with to PRE-WIRE!

So, what is it? Pre-wiring is three main things. It's:

  • the service of wiring before the installation of other A/V services,

  • when the frame is exposed (no drywall or insulation),

  • and after the electrician is finished.

Pre-wiring can save someone hundreds to thousands of dollars. When we do any service, we account for time spent at the job. If we can get right to the exposed frame and run wire, we can get it done faster than retrofitting, thus saving you on labor costs.

However, we will retrofit wires for any A/V service you want.

Some projects we strongly recommend pre-wiring for include:

  • home theaters

  • surround sound

  • whole-home indoor & outdoor audio

  • automation controls

  • networks

  • security systems

  • surveillance cameras

  • video doorbells

But we highly recommend you reach out to us to inquire about pre-wiring for any A/V project you have in mind, even TV mounting.

If you're building a new home, commercial space, or any building that will have A/V work done, reach out to us. The earlier into the building or renovating process, the better! We'll work with you to get exactly what you want. Once the wiring is done and the home, office, etc. is completed, we'll go in and install the rest of the project!

If you would like to read up a little more on our wiring service, click here.


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