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Projector Screens: The Most Important

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

When purchasing a home theater, or a projector set up, there's arguably nothing more important than the quality of the screen. If you work with us to purchase and install your home theater, the screen is something we try not to budge on. Why? Because it can make even the worst projector look good. First, we'll start with some of the screens available. Then we'll move into the optical features. If you have any questions, please reach out to us! Let's start with the form factor: Motorized, Manual, Fixed, Zero Edge, and Paint. Some of these may be self-explanatory but let's explain them anyway.

Motorized: these use a remote and motor to open and close. Manual: someone has to open and close it themselves. Fixed: it's mounted to the wall and permanently open. Zero Edge: on a fixed screen, it has a minimal edge. It doesn't have the thick borders as many screens do. Paint: an option that acts as a screen for a projector and offers some of the same optics as fabric screens. The other important feature to consider is optics. Below, I'll describe some of the best features to help your decision-making. (The screens marked with (SI) are exclusive to Screen Innovations.) Ambient Light Rejecting (ALR): Unless you plan to use a dark room with no lights and blackout curtains, an ALR screen may be best for you. Any kind of light can cause your picture to become washed. Any light that bounces off your wall, ceiling, or floor can cause this issue. With an ALR screen, the rejected ambient light makes it appear you're in a darker room. Acoustically Transparent: When looking up close, you can see that these screens have tiny holes. This screen is used specifically for those who want to hide their speakers. You can place the speaker behind the screen with no worry the sound will become distorted. Motorized Solo Pro G (SI):This type of screen rolls back up into its cassette. It has several motor options and an array of color options. This screen is great for people who may have different viewing areas. It can be easily hung up and taken down with its mounting brackets. Motorized Zero-G (SI): As the name suggests, this screen appears as if it's floating. This screen is perfect for places that cannot accommodate a standard screen or television. It hangs from the ceiling and floats down to your desired height. If you want a more hands-on search of screens, I implore you to visit Screen Innovations. They give you a breakdown of all their screens and a checklist of options to narrow it down to the screen of your dreams. Check out their options by clicking here. If you need help, give us a call. We'll walk you through options to help you choose the best screen for your needs. We'll also pair it with the best projector. Give us a call or reach out to us on our Contact Us page.


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