TV Mounts: Which one is right for you?

Updated: Aug 16

When looking to purchase a TV mount, there might be some questions you should consider. For example, are you mounting just to get the TV out of the way? Are you going to need a specific type of movement? Is the mount going to be above eye level? Read through the options below and see what works for you. There are SEVEN types of TV mounts: fixed, tilting, articulating, ceiling, under-cabinet, tv mount stand, and fireplace.


Fixed TV mounts are the most basic. They offer no movement and very little room in the back for extra wires. If you need to get behind the TV after mounted, you'll likely need to dismount it first. It's strong and sturdy, and the cheapest of options.


Tilting mounts are another basic mount. They move up to 45 degrees up and down, depending on the mount itself and the size of the TV. They are great for being mounted above eye level and for countering glares and reflections. This is a common mount for fireplaces, though not always the best option (see fireplace mounts below).


Articulating mounts also referred to as full-motion, move in several ways. They tilt and swivel, as well as extend. This type of mount is great if you have several spots to view the TV in the room. This mount is the most popular one we offer.


Ceiling mounts are more commercial. Businesses use them more than residential homes. These mounts tend to offer more options in regards to movement: they can extend on average of three feet, they can rotate a full 360 degrees, and they can flip up so they're completely out of the way. These movements can be manual or motorized.


Under-cabinet TV mounts are perfect for small flat screens. They offer a little movement, depending on the brand. Most can flip up so they're out of the way when it isn't being used. These types are best for your kitchen or bathroom.


TV mount stands are for those who don't want/need/have a traditional TV stand, want the option of moving their TV to different areas, or cannot drill into their wall but want a mounted TV. These stands are typically fixed so they may only move vertically. Some of these stands come with shelving.


Fireplace mounts are the best option for a TV going over your fireplace. Most fireplaces are above eye level when sitting. A fireplace mount extends out and down to move over most mantles and become eye level.

Remember to always check the specs on the mount and your television. All mounts have weight and size limits. If you exceed those limits, your TV could fall off the mount, possibly injuring someone as well as severely damaging your TV and any items under it. If you have any questions, give us a call or check out our TV mounting service page.

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