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Upgrade to Motorized Shades

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Most everyone had some variation of manual window cover in their home, whether they're used to help save energy, give some privacy and/or security, or just for looks. However, if your shades are motorized, then the shades you have could be better.

Motorized shades are made to be helpful in multiple ways. Let's talk about some of the benefits motorized shades can offer you.

Become more energy efficient

Having shades can reduce energy consumption if you remember to close them. With PowerShades, there's no need to remember. You can set automate them to open and close at specific times. PowerShades says their shades help reduce consumption up to 30%, and with prices of utilities increasing, these might be your next best purchase.

Extra security

I'd assume everyone feels a little more secure when their doors and blinds are closed. Do you leave certain lights on even when you're not at home? With motorized shades, you can automate them to open and close at specific times. Have them close when it starts to get dark so there are no wandering eyes or have them open/close when you're away to make it appear as if someone is home.

Increase your home's value

Motorized shades are not cheap, and they're a smart home product. Both of these factors can increase the value of your home.

Safe for kids and pets

According to an NPR article, around 8,000 kids between 1990 and 2015 ended up in hospitals with injuries from blinds, about 960 of those were entangled in the blinds' cords, and 640 of those kids died. That's heavy, I know. The point is if you can get away from corded shades/blinds, then do. PowerShades has non-cord options to keep your kids and pets safe. On another note, your PowerShades are a lot less likely to be ruined by nosy cats and dogs.

Make every day a little easier

Aside from the aforementioned points, motorized shades just make things a little easier. Set your shades to close at bedtime and open when your alarm is about to go off. Set them to close when it's that time of day when the sun beams in through your window and causes glare on your TV. Open them all at once when you're opening your windows on a nice fall day. You can use your phone, the remote, or a virtual assistant (Alexa, Google Home, etc.). Make every day a little easier!

Made for indoor and outdoor

PowerShades gives you the option to build interior and exterior shades to suit your needs. You can add them to an outdoor bar area, a gazebo, etc. to keep bugs, the heat, or the cold at bay.

The Theater People are authorized dealers of PowerShades, so if you're interested in them, reach out to us. We'll meet with you to spec out your home and have you design your new shades. You can read more about them on the Motorized Shades service page. If you have any questions, please contact us today.


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