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Your CES 2022 Preview

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

One of the biggest events for consumer electronics is here. We'll see everything from new televisions to smart home devices to self-driving cars. Some of the notable brands include Sony, Samsung, LG, and Intel. Some are showing off their upgraded products that will release late this year or early next and others are showing off the technology they've created over the past year that will eventually be available in the same form or another. Below I'm going to talk about some of the interesting products, technology, and information that has come out so far at the CES 2022 event. Once you've finished reading, I highly suggest you check out all the other hundreds of things to come out of the event. I think you'll find it very interesting.



This is probably one of the coolest things Samsung is releasing this year. If you camp, or have porch parties, or just like having options to watch movies or TV, then this is definitely for you. It's about 2 pounds, has a screen size between 30" and 100", and has full HD. What else makes this projector better than other portable ones? Let me tell you: * Auto-focus and auto-leveling. This makes your viewing experience simpler because it'll do the pain in the a#% work for you. It also means you can set it where you want and almost immediately get to viewing. If you've had other portable projectors, you know how difficult focusing and leveling them can be. * It has 360-degree sound. No matter what side you're sitting on, the sound will reach you the same. * Access to Samsung's smart TV platform. Now you can watch whatever streaming service and project it anywhere. Yes. ANYWHERE. One of the cool accessories you can purchase for this is a portable battery so no outlet is needed. Some other accessories include: * Lens caps. Get your mood lighting on with these. * Waterproof cases. Pretty self-explanatory. * A base that connects to a light socket. Turn your projector in a light bulb? I'm honestly not quite sure, but you can get it! Is it worth the $899? Yes. Would I buy it? Also yes. I'm excited to see how this projector grows in terms of its capabilities and accessories. | You have until January 23 to pre-order it.



These are already some of their most popular TVs, so Samsung decided to expand on its capabilities for this year's version. Some of the new changes include: * Gaming hub. You'll be able to connect a third-party controller and play games offered by several cloud gaming libraries (Google Stadia, GeForce Now, and a few more). * NFT aggregation and purchase: You can display whatever NFTs (nonfungible tokens) you own on your screen. You can also browse and preview NFTs. * (This one is pretty neat) New solar remotes with RF harvesting. You can recharge your remote by collecting radio waves from objects like your wifi router and converting them into power!!! * Rotating motorized wall mount. Why? Many people cast their phones onto their TVs. Now you can rotate your TV on its motorized mount so you can watch your vertical TikTok and YouTube videos! This is pretty cool, too. There are a few more features. You can see them all on their website. There's no release date or price available for these QLED TVs yet. But when they're available, you'll be able to get them through us.



We're huge fans of smart homes. While we focus more on the security side of smart homes, we're still well verse and very interested in all aspects of them. You've probably heard of Kohler. They're well known for their plumbing options. Well, they also dabble in the realm of smart. Some of the newest products they've showcased include:

* PerfectFill. This will fill your tub to the perfect temperature and desired depth. Use the app to make the selection and let it go without a thought. No more worries of overflowing and no more monitoring it yourself. This will be available in May. * Power Reserve. You connect this storage system to your solar power systems and it provides you with energy no matter the weather, time, or grid status. You can see more on their website. There's no word right now if these products will be Matter protocol available. That means you'll have to use their individual app to control them.

Now, some products that don't quite need an in depth show but definitely deserve a mention: * Panasonic's Alexa-powered microwave: Put your item in the microwave and tell Alexa what you want. * BBalance's Smart Bath Mat: It does quite a few things but I bet it will be used for one main thing - keeping track of your weight. It's a scale, posture evaluator, and more. * Samsung's Odyssey Neo G8 Monitor: A curved, 4K, 1000R curved screen with a 240Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time, and 2000nit peak brightness. * Autonomous John Deere Tractors: Use your smartphone to control these beasts! * Private cinema lounge in your BMW: There's a 31-inch 8K display with Amazon Fire integration. A new meaning to drive-in theaters? There are more TVs, more smart home products, more automobiles, smartphones, VR sets, and so much more. I highly suggest you check it all out. I'm excited about what else will come from CES. It sets a fun precedent for the rest of the year. Let me know what looks cool to you.

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